"1 Weird Trick I Use To Find Girls At My Local Bar That Want To Fuck...

Hey I'm Craig Miller...

As a dating expert who’s been featured on CNN and regularly in the New York Times, I know one of the biggest lies the media and women tell you is that women don’t enjoy sex as much as guys.

And let me tell you... nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, most women are DESPERATE for sex.

This always leads to one big question...

“Why would any woman be desperate for sex?
Women can get laid any time they want!”

It’s a good question, because technically a woman can get laid whenever she wants.

But the little-known truth is that it’s not that easy. Here’s why...

“The 2 Weird Reasons MOST Women Are Desperate To Get Laid That 95% Of Men Don’t Know About...

Here are the two big problems women face that make them so horny all day long.

Watch Out For
The Dangerous SLUT TRAP!

They May Look Easy, But Avoid These Dangerous “Sex Trap” Girls At All Costs Or You’ll Be Going Home ALONE!

There are women out there who intentionally dress “over sexualized” to confuse you.

They wear less clothing, show off more skin and cleavage and it will look as if they are desperate for sex.

Do not be fooled!

These girls waste hundreds of men’s time and money because they look easy but actually the most difficult to sleep with and will often lead you on for money or her own amusement.


I call these women “Modern Sirens” because like the sirens from ancient folklore, they have a power over men that draws them in... yet their intentions are bad.

And these girls will kill your chances of getting laid!

The right way and the easy way to find a horny girl is to look for her subconscious “Sex Signals” – the signals she absolutely cannot control.

PROBLEM #1: Not just “any guy” will do. Women only want to sleep with a man who knows how to turn her on...

She can’t just sleep with any guy.

She only wants to sleep with a man who knows the trick to make her feel those sexual feelings.

Most guys don’t know this simple secret, so women don’t have many real options for sex. Women are desperate to meet a guy who knows the secret to turn her on.

PROBLEM #2: Women send unusual signals when they want sex...

All day long, women are sending out unconscious hidden “Sex Signals” that they want to hookup.

Signals they have no control over...

Women try to hide these signals as best as they can, but just like a little kid who can't stop shaking their legs when they have to go to the bathroom...

Women cannot control sending these signals when they are desperate for sex.

Most guys just don’t know the right signals to look for and many of these signals are the exact opposite of what you’d think...

Like those body language books that tell us every time a girl touches her hair or licks her lips she’s going to have sex with you.

These are NOT the right signals to be looking for.

If you don’t know the right signals to look for, then even desperate women who may crave a one night stand with you cannot get your attention unless you know the right signals to look out for.

The good news is that if you can be the one man in a thousand who knows to look for these secret “Sex Signals” then you can be the man who takes her home.

End of story.

And I’ll tell you something else... these signals are very easy to spot if you know what to look for. Any man of any IQ level can spot these signals if they know what to look for.

I explain what these subconscious “Sex Signals” are in this FREE Video Here.

I can tell you from personal experience, once you see these signals, getting laid will become a lot of fun and will never again feel like “hard work.”

It will feel like watching one of those Discover Channel shows on TV where the narrator explains how different animals act in the wild.

Suddenly you’ll see these signals from hot girls at bars and parties... even at your local café or supermarket... and you’ll get laid easy.

And while some people might not think it’s appropriate... you could sleep with a new girl every week if wanted to.

Which is great because you never have to worry about when you’re going to get laid again and you can finally focus on other stuff in life.

No wonder psychological research has proved men who have more sex also start making more money too!

“Just Look For These 3 Simple Signals...

After years of failure, being totally clueless around women and watching all my friends get laid before me while I sat alone, I finally stumbled upon a secret that lets me read a woman’s secret “Sexual Signals” and know which ones will be a “sure thing” when it comes to sex.

"I Even Know Fat Guys Who Use This Technique To Get Girls Out Of Their League"

Since I discovered this secret I’ve literally seen thousands of men cluelessly walk past even the horniest women because they did not know the right signals to look for.

Women send you specific signals when they...

  1. Like you and want to hookup later that night
  2. Want to makeout with you
  3. Want to have casual “no strings attached” sex

In fact, once you know the simple signals to look for, a woman will actually tell you exactly what to say and do next to get her into bed.

This is as easy as checking off the items on your grocery list as you push your cart through the isle.

And each woman has her own unique set of “instructions” she’s giving you to bang her, which is why using pickup lines or long scripts NEVER works.

In fact, this secret has causes such an uproar among women that I was invited by famous CNN reporter Anderson Cooper as a guest expert onto his TV show to reveal my secret...

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